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4.9 Stars on Amazon // 4.88 Stars on GoodReads

Praise for Drop Dead Handsome: A Flower Girls Mystery:

“I have just finished reading Drop Dead Handsome and enjoyed it SO MUCH…from its reader-grabbing lake scene at the beginning all the way to the surprising and gratifying ending. I just LOVE these women! and the humor as well as deep insight into character throughout….Most of all, the author really knows how to develop a scene and move a story along! I kept thinking, ‘This ought to be a movie…’ Please let me be an honorary Flower Girl myself!”

—Lee Smith, author of Fair and Tender Ladies, Oral History, Dimestore, Silver Alert

“If you’re a fan of Fannie Flagg, Rita Mae Brown, or Mary Kay Andrews, you need to make room at the table for Rebecca Burns Aldridge, whose Drop Dead Handsome you are likely to devour. Aldridge serves up a delicious mystery served with a delightfully large dollop of Southern humor and charm, and every page brims with flat-out fun. Four vividly drawn strangers become a team of amateur female detectives determined to explain the unexpected death of a dear mutual friend in this character-driven cozy whodunit. Pour yoursell a glass of sweet tea. Make some peanut butter crackers. Then start reading, but beware: you’ll be sorry to say goodbye to these smart, clever, endearing women.”

—W. Edward Blain, author of Passion Play and Love Cools

“A smart, sassy, southern mystery—shades of Steel Magnolias and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. After the untimely death of Maggie Muldoon Palmer, four of her longtime friends bond and become instant lady sleuths. Tootsie, Bippy, Pen, & Rose are quirky characters who become like friends and family. They’ll win your heart and tickle your funny bone. Aldridge captures the reader with engaging writing and delightful characterizations.”

—Pat Benedict Jurgens, Author of Falling Forward: A Woman’s Journey West

“I love this book! I couldn’t put it down. The character development is absolutely wonderful.”

—Patricia Slorah, PhD, author of Grandparents’ Rights: What Every Grandparent Needs to Know

“A blockbuster debut novel! This novel has it all..a captivating combination of mystery, humor, suspense, and enduring friendships spun together by excellent writing. It’s hard to believe this is the first novel by Rebecca Burns Aldridge because it is a page turner from beginning to end. Her delightful Southern characters who quickly came to life with each chapter, her way of spinning a story and her clever plot turns made this a book I could not put down. I cannot wait for the next in this Flower Girls series. I have been recommending Drop Dead Handsome to all of my book-loving friends. I’m sure you will find it just as delightful as I have. Happy reading!!”

—Michael McKeller, 5 stars on Amazon

“Kept me guessing! This is a cozy mystery….pour a cup of tea and settle in for a great read! I loved the characters, the southern setting, and the strong theme of friendship! The book is divided into Book 1 and Book 2. The main characters are introduced individually in Book 1, so you get to know each one well. In Book 2, the characters meet each other and form a strong bond over the mysterious death of their friend. Determined to find the truth of their friend’s death, they embark on a risky plan to figure it out, and they involve a police detective who is not quite on board with their investigative techniques. I enjoyed the story…The mystery kept me guessing! These ladies have a special, warm friendship and I look forward to their next adventure!”

—Greg, 5 stars on Amazon

“Welcome to a new southern female mystery writer. I am disappointed there is no email address for fan mail to Becky Aldridge at the end!!!! I loved her book and looking forward to more adventures with the FLOWER GIRLS. I most enjoyed identifying with places in the South and could easily picture action in the settings…….Dear Gussie!!!!! I feel certain each character is a composite of people she knew over the years. I could readily identify with Tootsie!!! Someone asked me to recommend a good mystery that didn’t include sex and profanity…..DROP DEAD HANDSOME meets that requirement. A new southern writer is heading for fame!

—Lucinda Denton, 5 stars on Amazon

A delightful read! The Flower Girls were so well described I felt I knew each one. The plot caught me at the beginning and kept me guessing until the end. I look forward to more adventures with these ladies.

—Janet B., 5 stars on Amazon

“I loved this book. Most enjoyable writing style. I feel as though the ‘Flower Girls’ are now my best friends. I can’t wait for another adventure with them to begin.”

—Lucy Hinson, 5 stars on GoodReads

Praise for Paradise Lost: A Flower Girls Mystery:

“The Flower Girls are back, and thank goodness. Rebecca Burns Aldridge has once again given us a clever, perfectly paced comedy-thriller featuring four of the most charming companions you’ll ever meet. If you get a hankering for some peanut butter while you’re reading, I advise you to succumb, just as you will gratefully surrender your time to this irresistible tale.”

—W. Edward Blain, author of Passion Play and Love Cools

“I’m hooked on the Flower Girls once again. Aldridge captures the nugget of female friendship and conspiracy. The story spins on Tootsie, Bippy, Pen, & Rose, all intriguing seniors ‘gallivanting’ into the unexpected. Threaded with humorous realities of aging, this rollicking mystery sweeps you into an island adventure as if you were ‘one of the girls.’ Captivating!”

—Pat Benedict Jurgens, author of Falling Forward: A Woman’s Journey West

“Rebecca Aldridge is truly a gifted writer. Her latest book, Paradise Lost: A Flower Girls Mystery, is a must read! A word of caution: Don’t lend it out. You will never get it back. It is such a gem you will want to read it again!”

—Patricia Slorah, Ph.D., author of Grandparents’  Rights: What Every Grandparent Needs To Know